You Got A Friend In Me

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

As most of you will know if you follow me on social media, I'm having a bit of a You Tube break for this month, lots of things have been building up, I haven't been in the best health (and just this week alone I picked up some god awful cough/cold/virus) and so I had to do what felt right for me and take some time out and just chill, not think about videos, daily vlogging etc... think about what was best for me.

Do you know whats been good for me lately during my downtime..... hanging out with some of my most favourite people.

It often makes me sad that most of my best friends are scattered all around the country and you have to strategically plan sometimes months in advance to see them. Life just gets busy.

However one of my very best friends isn't quite so far away, Becky lives about a 10 min drive from me, but ironically we don't see each other as often as we'd like. We both have demanding jobs, Becky also has two girlies (my beautiful godchildren) and so getting our schedules to work can prove tricky, but when they do its great!!

When you blog or vlog, people assume you just hang out with your blogger friends and sure some of my best friends I have met are through that, and admitedly they are the ones that mainly appear in my videos and social media cause they 'get it' and they don't mind being involved.

 But guess what, not all of my friends I have are from social media and blogging, believe it or not, 
I actually had a life before this little blog and You Tube, I know right!!!! ;)

I have friends from school, friends from work, friends that you meet through other friends and just hit it off and its nice to spend time with them and reminisce and chat about normal day to day stuff. 
Its good for the soul.

So when Curvissa asked me to take part in their #FeelGood campaign I just knew this was the perfect way to do one thing that really does make me happy and Feel Good and that is, to chill out with my bestie.

We're both at an age now where we don't really go clubbing. 
I mean don't get me wrong its nice getting all dressed up and go out every so often, but its the nights in with your comfy clothes on, a bottle of wine and a takeaway where you can just kick back, relax and put the world to rights in the comfort of your own home that are the nicest.
No club noise, no spending lots of money on cocktails, just you and your friend, yummy food and non stop uninterrupted chatter. 

Our comfy cosy clothes were very kindly gifted by Curvissa, I'm wearing the pink funnel neck sweatshirt and Becky is wearing the longline blue hoodie, both super comfy, perfect for those lounging nights in.

Our feet were also night and toasty in the city walk slipper socks and the city walk slippers

We had such a lovely evening and its just nice to do the things that make you feel happy and feel good.

Thanks to Curvissa and Thanks to my wonderful friends like Becky that help me in so many ways but mainly just by being there for me. I feel very lucky.

What makes you Feel Good? 


Em xxx

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