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Thursday, October 12, 2017

As a plus size woman I feel fortunate that many brands are now listening and catering for us ladies and we have a lot more choice as of late. 
But what do men have? Sadly its not as must choice as women.... yet!! But were getting there....

Whilst at this years Curve Fashion Festival it was really refreshing to see some men's clothing that brands have taken on board and realised that they need to start catering for both sexes after all there are plus size men too. And so when we saw Boo Hoo had a men's plus size range called Big & Tall we both took delight is seeing what they had to offer. 

Although the choice is not vast there was a nice mix of comfy casuals swell as attire for a night out. and so when they asked if Chris would like to try few of their items he was thrilled. 

Now you all know Chris, he's not one for dressing up, he is that comfy casual guy usually in a t-shirt or hoodie and you guessed it.... no change there.

The sizing is a 2XL which was fine for the hoodie and t-shirt but be mindful for shirts you may want to size up for a more comfortable fit.

The shoes he found to be a bit narrow, and they need to be 'worn in' so perhaps be aware of that too.

There was a fair amount of choice on the site but the choices are def more geared up for a much younger man not someone approaching their 40's so perhaps there needs to be some more variation of styles to cover more age ranges?

Thanks  to Boo Hoo Man for letting Chris check out the plus size range. 

Have you seen the are doing 50% off the denim range at the moment? 
Go head on over HERE and take a look at the Big & Tall range and perhaps find some bargains for your man.

Also, anyone get the blog title reference?? Gotta love me some Salt 'N' Pepa


Em xxxx

*clothing kindly gifted for review

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