Monday, August 21, 2017

I have suffered with insomnia for a good few years now, its become almost normal for me.

I get a few weeks of good sleep then BAM insomnia strikes, its's just awful. I lie awake, I toss and turn, I get the fidgets. I desperately want to sleep but my body and brain won't let me.

I have been struggling to function on as little as 1 hours sleep at a time. It's really not been great.

I have tried all sorts, camomile tea, no technology an hour before bed, reading a book before bed, no caffeine, mindful apps.
Some work but only seems short term.

This past couple of weeks I have been at my wits end, the lack of sleep has really been taking its toll, esp when you have so much to do what with moving house.

I mentioned it in one of my daily vlogs... see below

So many people recommend this Sleepy lotion from Lush. 
It' s had great reviews online, it's been in the news and it's flying off the shelf.

Was it all hype? I had to investigate... I ordered some ready to try and OH MY!!! I actually slept!!

And I have been sleeping so well because of it (as I type 4 nights in a row... woo hoo) 
and so I  just HAD to write about it. 

This really is magic cream, does it contain magic pixie sleeping dust in it?
No its just a mixture of lavender water and cocoa butter.

When you first open it you mainly smell cocoa butter with a bit of lavender, but once rubbed into the skin the smell of lavender just takes over your senses and its sooooo soft too.

I'm not really a great fan of lavender, but this, this has a really pleasant lavender smell, I think its due to the mix with the cocoa butter.

A lot of people have been wondering how I use it, and where on the body and I've opted for arms (all over) chest and neck so the lavender aroma drifts up to my senses. I
 have also applied it to my feet as they say the feet are very suseptable to attributing to health.
Hands up who puts vicks on their feet when they have a cold!!?

And so, in summary I would say this £13.95 tub of Sleepy Lotion is the BEST investment I have made in a long time.

You can purchase Sleepy Lotion HERE

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Glad you found something that is working for you, seen so many good things about this recently, they should do a pillow misk of it.

    Jodie |

    1. Oh my goodness a pillow mist of this would be fantastic xx


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