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Friday, August 18, 2017

So yesterday I turned 36, and to many of you it’s not really a significant birthday, and you would be right, it’s not. But in a strange kind of way to me it was.... you see up until the day before yesterday I was Mid Thirties, it’s been kinda cool to teeter around that bracket for a little while, when you’re young being in your thirties was ‘Soooo Old’ but to say mid thirties now it almost sounds sophisticated, imagine I am a city slick SITC rooftop bar drinking type wearing Christian Looboo's sipping champagne
(I mean I’m totally not – but you catch my drift) the thirties doesn’t seem old anymore, its more glamorous and yet when you get to 36 like I am now, you are almost hit with a KABLAAAAM, here come the FOURTIES.
It is staring me in the face. I am four years away from being FOURTY.... I don’t feel ‘nearly’ forty, but then what does a nearly forty year old person supposed to feel like? I dunno.
I’ve mentioned recently about how I have struggled finding my feet as to what genre I fit into, about pigeon holing myself into a certain community and I very quickly realised that to me that wasn’t a good thing, I don’t want to be sifted off into one category, I am a whole bunch of categories in life as well as in the blogging and vlogging world and so on this day, the day after my non milestone, milestone birthday I want to tell you about the 5 things I have learnt lately as I approach my nearly forties......
1)        Purpose
        I have a purpose, you have a purpose, we all do.
I am a Daughter, a Sister, A Wife, An Auntie, A Godmother, A Friend. I have purpose. I used to beat myself up daily over our infertility struggles. I thought my purpose in life was to be a MOTHER and to a certain extent I still do, and I like to still dream that when I have that babe in arms I WILL be that person that says ‘THIS IS WHAT I WAS PUT HERE TO DO’ but until that day arrives I will continue to believe I still have purpose irrelevant of the fact I am not a mother – yet!! I have so many strengths and things that I am good at, I focus on those and continue to grow into a stronger person daily.

2)     Spending Time with the Right People

As you get older you realise very quickly the importance of spending time with the people that matter to you. For me family is my whole world, they are my inner circle of trust, my lion pack and there is nothing better than just being with them. I am such a home bird and sure I like to go on adventures but they are always adventures with my favourite people, mostly Chris (love you baby). Friendships shift along the way and you have ones that have been with you since school, since college, ones you make through work, then for me these past few years it’s been through blogging and vlogging. Some stay for the ride, some drift off and have different journeys and that’s OK. Remember you can’t be friends with EVERYONE. Sure along the road you gather acquaintances, people you can have a drink with and be social with, but nothing quite beats having those people around that just ‘Get You’ They are your allies, your confidants your support team. And so spend time with the ones that make you feel happy and good to be around.

3)     Learning to say NO

For a very long time, and I mean a VERY long time I was a ‘YES’ woman, yes I’ll do that for you, ‘YES’ of course I’ll do this, Yes Yes yes yes yes, I couldn’t help it, I am a people pleaser,

I like to be liked, I like to muck in, I have even been told I am too nice and a pushover at times, it’s kind of in my make up.. but then something changed, I don’t know when I switched, I can’t recall the time I clicked and thought – y’know what I don’t need to say yes to everything. I have a choice; I can say no. The world is not going to end and if it’s not going to be beneficial to me in any way, then WHY am I doing it? But I just did. I don’t have to be the people pleaser and the YES woman. People are still going to like me if I don’t agree with something or can’t do something or can’t afford something and if they don’t then they quite frankly, screw em!!! I am more selective with my choices these days, for example, if ever I got an invitation to a bloggy event I would immediately want to go, cause I was just chuffed to be invited, irrelevant of the time and money its would cost to get there, not to mention the days holiday I would have to take off work here and there. But now I can’t even recall the last bloggery PR type event I went to, sure I get invited but I realise that my time is more better invested elsewhere, that day off that I would need to take could be spend with Chris somewhere else. Priorities shift and it’s OK to be a NO woman too.

4)     Not Everyone is Going to Like You

It’s true, as mentioned in the last point, I have always been a people pleaser, throughout my whole life I have been what I affectionately call ‘A Floater’ (sounds gross I know) but I have been fortunate enough to be able to float around getting on with most people. I was the same at school, I didn’t have a group as such, I got on with everyone from the cool kids to the geeky kids and the boys, everyone. I have always been an all rounder. I was also very lucky that I was never bullied, I moved schools alot due to my parent’s job and so I was always the new kid and I guess an easy target for bullies but it just never happened. And so when you experience nasty stuff later on in life it kinda take you by surprise. ‘What do you mean you don’t like me?’ ‘What have I done wrong?’...... I hate confrontation, I hate arguments its one thing I try to steer clear of at all costs, it makes me sad. And so when you hear that someone has been horrible about you it hurts – ALOT, and when you read hurtful things online about yourself its hits you like a wallop to the stomach. It’s never nice, it’s never easy but you have to reside yourself to the fact that not everyone is going to like you and that’s OK, I mean I don’t like everyone either :)

5)     Grab Onto Adventure with Both Hands

Life is for living, you only get one life so bloody enjoy it as best you can. Find things that make your heart happy, do things that make you proud, go on adventures with awesome people or even on your own. Take time for you. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, go to places that you want to visit, cease all opportunities given. Enjoy the life you have.

Who knows maybe I will write another list when I actually reach forty, maybe it will change, maybe some thing’s will stay the same but one thing’s for sure I’m going to enjoy the next four years of this ‘late thirties’ as best I can. I will embrace every new wrinkle, every new creak of my body when I wake, every grey hair (wait... actually no I will dye those) and guess what, I’ll even embrace my saggy boobs.


Mrs M xxx

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  1. I know everyone says it but it is crazy how quickly time passes, when I was younger I thought I had ages until I would be 25 but it's literally right around the corner for me now and I feel like I just blinked and a few years went wizzing by. I might call it level 25 though that sounds so much cooler

    Jodie | www.jodieayrex.com


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