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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Guys, it’s time to be honest. I fell out of love with my blog, it was a slow burn, but if you are a regular reader then you will notice that my posts have been few and far between, averaging between one and two posts a month, if that. 
To call myself is blogger right now would be a big fat pinocchio nosed lie!!! 
In simple terms, I have just felt a bit lost, I have been in a rut of knowing what content to put out there and not just here but even over on my YT channel (the place where I am much more proactive – two videos a week, thank you very much, smug face
But the thing I have been struggling the most with is...  
Who I am online?
To coin a phase from Nikki from Big Brother Circa 2006  

Even I don’t know....
How do people see me? What I should be? What do I think I am? Am I a Blogger? A Vlogger? 
A Fashion Blogger? A Plus Size Blogger? A Lifestyle Blogger? A Beauty Blogger, A Beauty Vlogger, A Food Blogger, An Infertility Blogger, Vlogger... vlogger, vlogger, blogger, blogger, vlogger blogger.... gaaaah you get the gist...?
Do I have to conform to one thing? Do I have to be just ONE thing online? 
Why do we have to label ourselves in the blogging world? It’s given me such a headache and actually made me a little bit sad. I’m not one thing, I’m lots of things.
But which community do I slot into? Can I be part of them all? It’s so confusing
I guess all I can do is what I do best and just BE ME
It’s all I know how to be.
I am a mid thirty something, wife, daughter, sister, friend.

I love fashion that will fit my frame, and at present I refer to myself as a Plus Size Fashion Blogger I follow trends, and like to promote body positivity and confidence, yet I wouldn’t say I’m an activist. 
But I  also love make up, I apply it to the best of my ability I have no skills, so I’m not really a Beauty Blogger?
I love spending time with my friends of all different backgrounds who all have different hobbies and interests, am I a Family Blogger?
I struggle with infertility and talk about it sometimes and I also love hearing about mummy adventures from my friends with children. 
I am a country music lover and singer (occasionally) Music Blogger?
I love going to the cinema... Film Blogger?
 I am a tea drinker who these days would prefer a night in with a takeaway over a night out and yet when I do go out I def go OUT OUT. 
I love cooking (except baking I’m utter shit at baking and cake decorating) yet I love to try new foods and going to new restaurants. Food Blogger?
I love to go on adventures with my amazing husband, family and friends...Travel Blogger?
 oh and I adore my dog, Pet Blogger? lol...... 
Y’See how confusing it is? I mean.....  how do you label all that? I actually don’t feel like I want to label it? Or should I?..... As I said earlier, do I just pick one thing and just write about that? 
don’t want to though... *stamps feet*
I’m not competitive in any shape or form and don’t strive to be, the best at this, or the best at that.... I just like sharing bits of my whole life with you...
And so here is where my element of confusion comes in.... in social media terms, would you say I am a now a lifestyle blogger/vlogger? I just don’t know???? Help me out guys!!!?
I guess what I’m trying to say is, things are a changing over here on the blog, I want to be more proactive I want to write about anything and everything, and the only person stopping me doing that was me because I didn’t (and still don’t)  know what to ‘label’ myself.
However, from today onwards I pinky promise that I will write more content over here and regardless of whatever flippin label I should or shouldn’t be using I will just continue to BE ME if that OK with you all?
You can catch up on my latest being me shenanigans on this weeks, weekend vlog.
Hope you enjoy.


Mrs M xxxx

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  2. You don't need a label! Your readers/viewers have stuck with you because they like you and the content you create. You do what you do very well and I'd strongly encourage you to continue it because I love watching your videos and reading your blog. You don't need to be an expert to be a beauty blogger or any other kind of blogger for that matter, you just need to be passionate about what your talking/writing about. I love watching your videos and reading your blog because you come across as a genuine and real person. Your content seems to truly reflect who you are and I'd rather you did a little bit of everything than label yourself and restrict your content. Be yourself - that's why we already love you! I feel like I can relate to you in a way I struggle with other bloggers/YouTubers so please keep doing what you're doing.

    1. Thank you so much Bev, that really means a lot. I have just been struggling knowing how to identify myself, but the only identity I need is being myself. Thank you xxxx

  3. you dont need a label just be you, i love your vids / blog / social media they are all different other wise maybe it would to same same, keep doing what you want sod everone else and ignore the haters :) xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you honey, you're right, everyone is striving for the same thing and I'm just over here being the only thing I know how to be. Me,. Thank you xxx

  4. One of the reasons I chose my actual name as my blog name was because I also don't know where I put myself in terms of the blogging world. For me, I love your content because it is so varied, I enjoy your vlogs and reading about your infertility too. I guess "it's em channel" is just that it's YOUR channel, your blog and if you feel like sharing beauty one day but a lifestyle post or video the next then that is what you should do. I feel like we need a "all of the above" blogger category xx

    Jodie | www.jodieayrex.com


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