Suu Suu Suuusudio

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Let me tell you about last Friday....

Myself and Chris were very kindly invited to one of the BST Hyde park Gigs, these concerts happen every year in Hyde Park over a sucession of 10 days where they draw in some AMAZING artists, last year I went to see Take That if you remember that VLOG?

Anyhow this year, well..... this year I got very excited as one of my absolute idols was there Phil Collins.

I have hearted Phil Collins since I can even remember, my dad used to play his songs over and over, I can’t even tell you how many times I have seen the film Buster. I even loved him that much I wanted to learn how to play the drums, much to my parents dismay (it never happened- dammit)

And so to me Friday was about transporting me back to my childhood, those happy carefree days of sitting in Dad’s Nissan Terrano singing along to Suuu suuuu Suuuusudiooooo.... OH OH!!!

And boy he didn’t disappoint, from the moment the chords of ‘Another Day in Paradise’ started playing I could feel my eyes well up..... I wished my Dad could see this now, I wished he could be there, but I like to think he was, watching and singing along in heaven.

I had my bestest company of Chris with me though, who happens to also love Phil too – result!!!

We had the best afternoon just mooching around the different activities, getting selfies and gifs done at the Coke and Samsung Stands, having a cider in the sun, drinking in the atmosphere and just spending some quality time together.
We saw Mike & The Mechanics play – minus Paul Carrack, but Roachford did a great stand in, The New Power Generation were there with their funky moves and Blondie was on before Phil – Debbie Harry is pretty blimmin rockin for...72.... wow!!!

There was plenty of food stalls with lots of choice, but be mindful prices are expensive (£20 for two chicken and halloimi wraps) but I guess thats the norm for festivals right?

The outfit that I chose to wear, well I decided to channel my inner 80’s and went for a mix of Karen from Bananarama and SJP blazer esq pre SITC and I think its looked pretty cool...

The T Shirt and Heart Bag are from Joanie Clothing, Jeans are Simply Be, Jacket Yours and Pumps Evans

We had such a fantastic time and can't wait to go back next year.

Huge Thanks to BST Hyde Park & Outside Org for making my Phil Collins Dreams come true.

You can catch some of the day on my latest weekend vlog.

Love Mrs M xxxx

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