The Best Harry In Town... Joanie Clothing

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Forget Harry Styles, Forget Prince Harry, Forget Harry Redknapp (I couldn't think of anymore Harry's) THIS is the BEST HARRY in town.

I'll admit I am a Joanie virgin, I have seen many of my fellow gorgeous bloggers and vloggers rocking some amazing Joanie pieces (I'm look at you Em & Emma) but as much as I admired them from afar I didn't actually purchase anything.... (why I will never know!!!?) Until Now.

And so last week I decided to purchase a few items, well, two handbags, this dress and a t-shirt  to be exact and I LOVE them all..... Joanie has become my new favourite website.

I'm sure I will show you the other couple of pieces I bought another day but for today lets focus on these two beauties.

The dress is just stunning I love the style (Bardot - obvz), the vibrant orange colour which now matches my hair. I love the  midi length and I also love the cute embroidered detailing.

As I hadn't tried Joanie before I made sure I did my research about sizing and I actually sized up and I'm glad I did cause of the lining so be mindful of this.

In terms of pricing this was £40 which isn't too bad for a cute summer dress, and they always do offers (currently as I type they have a 20% off discount going on until 9am tomorrow) 
I got 10% off being a new customer, so scout around for some promo codes 

Next up the Astrid Bag..... isn't it just so vintagely fabulous and guess how much it was....? Guess!!! 
SEVEN BLIMMIN POUNDS (I know right!!?) in the sale. 
I absolutely adore it and it goes perfectly with the outfit. 
It also comes with a long strap in  case you wondered so you can wear it on your shoulder.
This is now sold out but the patent red one is still available 

I'm just so completely smitten with with this look, in fact I'm smitten with Joanie Clothing and can safely say I have been converted into a #joaniegal

Have you shopped at Joanie
What are your favourite items? 
I now need EVERYTHING.

Lots of Love

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Em, you look amazing! This colour is everything on you ... plus, your hair!!!!

    C x


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