Thursday, March 02, 2017

Surprise!!! I changed my hair!!
I've been sooooo good lately at sticking to being blonde but when the opportunity arose (pun totally intended) for me to do something different with my hair I grabbed it with both hands.

I've been feeling a bit blaaaa about my hair lately, it was feeling a bit drab and lifeless and I although I love the colour I wanted to inject a bit of fun back into it.

I've always like experimenting with my hair and last year I did dye the ends pink but I was never brave enough to dye my whole head a pink colour...... until today!! 

My local salon Sloanes was hosting a trainee evening and whilst everyone else opted for Balyage I wanted to be different.... I chose Rose Gold....

Look at my poor hair before looking a bit blaaaaaa, time to change that....

A little spray in conditioner added pre colour, to help make the hair more poreus to help the colour stick.

Time to add the colour.....

When it was applied it looked REALLY dark and underneath my calm exterior I was quite worried...

BUT..... Once washed off and dried.... OMG I LOVED IT!!

 I just love how different it is, its a bit pink, a bit copper, a bit gold, a bit ginger... a bit of everything

Once the lovely Lisa at the salon styled it it actually made my hair look longer... weird huh!?

I'm told that the colour will fade quite quick but I can have a toner put on to prolong it which I might do, but until it starts to fade I will enjoy how blimmin fab it looks.

What do you guys think? Is Rose Gold the new colour for me?

Huge thanks to Lisa at Sloanes for doing an AMAZING job, I'll def be going back.

Love Mrs M xxx

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