Garnier Pure Active - #28 Day Challenge

Friday, March 17, 2017

I’m a bit late with this post, apologies but we’ve been crazy busy and I just simply haven’t had time to sit down and just type, but today, today I have time and I wanted to tell you about the new range from Garnier called Pure Active (Sensitive), I was first introduced to it by Khila and then per chance we had a meeting at L'oreal and the following week I was lucky enough to be able to grab some to try for myself.

I have to admit when it comes to skincare I have no set routine, I dilly dally around and you would think at 35 (nearly 36 – say it quickly Emma) I SHOULD have some kind of regime going on, but I don’t and so when Garnier wanted me to try their new 3 step range I was intrigued.

Asked to try it for 28 days, the #28daychallenge and see how different my skin felt I said I would give it a go.... would I be able to keep it up for 28 days?...... well, currently as I type I am on day 45 so I would say that would be a YES then.

I honestly don’t think my skin has felt any better, now I’m no skin expert or preach to know the ins and outs of  chemicals in things but I think the mix of witch hazel and zinc has really helped my skin and coming from the perspective of a woman who went from zero skin care routine and who was reaching for the same old same old to now having a full on three step routine using the Gel Wash, Clarifying Tonic and the Moisturiser and to be sticking to it everyday it’s gotta be doing something good right?

My skin has never felt better, its softer, its plumper, its more even, my dry skin on the sides of my jaw seem better and I would go as far as to say that since using this I have ventured out of the house a couple of times (even though it was only to Asda) Make Up Free.... something I would NEVER do, which sounds daft considering I regularly vlog with no make up on, but in a way I feel I have control of that, I can decide to edit bits out if I think it looks too bad, but actually going out in public that’s a different matter but, I stand by my words that it’s made me feel that comfortable in my skin I am being braver.
Thanks Garnier

Love Mrs M xxxx
You can purchase the range HERE

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