Worst Wedding Ever / Review

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Last Tuesday Night Chris and Myself were invited to Salisbury Playhouse to watch the show
Worst Wedding Ever.

Written by Chris Chibnall the same writer that brought us Broadchurch, I knew this show was bound to be good, but I didn't realise just HOW GOOD.

Greeted by the Wedding Band in the foyer on arrival (who are actually actors and appear in the show)
We took our seats ready for the show, not knowing what to expect.

Well, we were captivated from the first few moments.

The show is based around the happy couple Rachel (Elisabeth Hopper) & Scott  (Nav Sidhu) who just want a quiet, cheap wedding, however the brides mother Liz (played by Julia Hills, if your my age you will remember her as Bill's best friend in 2.4 Children) and the brides sister Alison (Elizabeth Cadwallader) - who by the way is flippin hilarious, have other ideas. 

They want to take the stress away from Rachel, but also create a show wedding within their means, by holding it in a marquee in the field next to the house. 

No matter how much Rachel protests you can tell she is torn between what she wants, what her family wants and trying to keep everyone happy including the groom to be who throughout a lot of the show is a great double act with the brides father  Mel (Derek Frood) who lets his wife just get on with things instead of causing conflict so he can continue with his obsession, his pride and joy his dogs.

Ultimately as much as they try, the build up to the big day and tension surrounding it draws to a climax and it makes for a very interesting, funny and touching ending.

The show, which is predominantly a comedy had us belly laughing through a lot of it, and nodding our heads in recognition and giving the knowing glances to each other of 'yep, been there, done that'... If you have planned a wedding and had family interfere then you will just 'get it' 

Yet, take out the comedy element, the funny one liners and a sister covered in shit (you have to see the show to know this reference) deep down, the heart of the shows message is FAMILY.

Everyone has a story, everyone is dealing with their own personal heartache of some sort, yet everyone is still all there for each other. 

There is anger, jealousy, sadness, sibling rivalry and so much more.... all the standard emotions you experience within a family unit.

We can all resonate with a character in one way or another and that's what makes the show relatable.

It exceeded my expectations and more and the cast were absolutely amazing. 
I have recommended it so much since last week and some of my work colleagues booked tickets due to the fact  I raved about it so much and now it is the hot topic of our tea break conversations in particular the hot vicar Graeme played by Kieran Hill.

The show is on until 25th February, if you are in the South West then you still have time to see this remarkable show,  honestly you won't regret it.

To Book Tickets to the show then click HERE

Mrs M xxxx

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