Still Boot Weather

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hands up, who's dreaming of flip flops? I know I am, but until then its still boot weather I'm afraid, but 
hey, I don't mind so much, when I get to wear fancy ankle boots like this.....

These wide calf boots are from Etrias and are so comfy.

Normally I am a one pair of boots woman, I find a pair and usually live in that singular pair ALL winter, but having test driven (or should I say test walked) in these for the best part of a few weeks 
I can say I am now converted to a two boot woman ;)

I'm no good in heels of any kind and that goes for heeled boots too and that's why I tend to gravitate more to flat boots and these were just perfect being flat but also with a teeny tiny heel they were absolutely fine.

I love the design, and the unusual espresso colour not to mention the anti slip sole that makes them resilient in all weather and hilly walks.

Until the warmer weather arrives I will be rotating my two pairs of boots whilst feeling stylish and comfy.

You can find these boots and wide calf styles over on the Wide Calf Boots Store website HERE.

Mrs M xxxx

*boots sent for review, opinions are my own

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  1. |Those are just lovely! Im the same I usually make one pair of boots last a winter or maybe two. Unfortunately this doesnt stop me buying them and I have a cupbosard full of "perfect" boots that I cant bear to part with!


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