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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On Saturday I headed to London for my annual Christmas meet up with Khila, for the past four years we have done something in December be it a concert or a show, this year we decided to give the Ballet a try. So we went to see The Nutcracker at The Coliseum.

But the question is, what does one wear to the Ballet??
I opted for a comfy yet Christmassy cape from Yours Clothing 
This belted wrap with removable faux fur collar was perfect for roaming London.
It might be winter but I hate wearing a coat when I go to London, I get so blimmin hot walking and hopping on and off the tubes and so this cape was just the right mix, it kept me cosy, but didn't swealter me.

I especially love the tie feature. 
A lot of the time with wraps they end up falling off my shoulder, but not this one, the belt kept it firmly in place.
It also looks super stylish, which is something I wanted for the ballet and it doesn't break the bank at only £21, what a bargain!!

I teamed it with a all black everything base, a longline black sweatshirt, black jeggings and boots. Perfect!!
After the ballet we roamed around the Christmas Market in Leicester Square, which was super pretty. 
I love these photos that Mikhila took, thanks Khi :)

All the links to my outfit are below.

*What Em Wore*

To find out our thoughts on The Nutcracker you can check out my blog from Saturday, have you been following my vlogmas?

Lots of Love

Mrs M xxx

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