'Could we BE anymore excited.....?' FRIENDSFEST

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This is going to be  picture heavy post.... my goodness we took so many photos.....

Last Saturday myself, Chris, Khila and Lee went to Friendsfest at Harewood House in Leeds.
What is Friendsfest you ask?  Well, it's a mini festival dedicated to the one and only Friends TV show.

They did one in London last year and I missed out on tickets and I was gutted and so.... when Khila surprised us with tickets  for our birthday this years I was over the moon.

Could we BE anymore excited?

When you arrive it literally is a mini festival, there's a big stage with a compere keeping everyone occupied with quizzes and friends trivia, you can eat at Monica's Diner, go to a silent Disco to celebrate New Year, recreate iconic moments like Ross & Rachel's Vegas wedding and the opening titles in front of the fountain with umbrellas.

But by far the BEST part of the festival is the chance to step onto the mock up sets, wander around Monica's Flat, play foosball in Chandler & Joeys Flat and sit on the sofa in Central Perk, you can even get on stage and sing Smelly Cat... Which we obviously did ;)

The whole event was really well thought out and planned, it wasn't rushed, it was very chilled, no endless queues, the staff were all very helpful and keen to take photos for you.

It was such a lovely day, thank you to Khila and Lee for the day out we had fun....
If you love Friends and get the opportunity to go I highly recommend it.

Hope you enjoy the photos'


Cheers Friendsfest :)

Love Mrs M xxx

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