Saturday, August 27, 2016

Notice anything different???.... Anything at all?.....
Check me out with my swanky pants new blog layout.

I thought it was about time my blog had a bit of TLC, I'll admit I've been pretty lazy with my blog.
Most of what I do revolves around You Tube now and the blog was just kinda gathering dust.

That is until it got a bit of swizzy overhaul by my gorgeous friend Zoe's wonderful daughter Lissy.
I am a complete and utter technophobe, anything to do with widgets I get a bit panicked and that's when lovely Lissy stepped in to help. 

So HUGE thanks to her, if you are looking a blog make over or any techincal help then Lissy is your lady, let me know if you 're interested and I will pass on any details
 to her.

I've wanted something simple and classy and thats just what I've got. I actually feel content with my blog now and happy to post something, wheraes before I was just a bit... meh.... 
This new layout actually gives me my excitement for blogging back. 
You could say my blogging mojo has been awakened again.

And so, with my new and improved sleek and sexy looking blog I will be back posting regular contact from September (let me get over Vlogust on my You Tube first, daily vlogging is quite time consuming) but rest assured I will be back writing some content for you all soon.

Hope you like the new look blog?

Lots of Love 
Mrs M xxxx

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