Homemade Avocado Face Mask

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I've decided that I want to try and make more homemade beauty treatments.

Theres something earthy and natural about creating your own remedies and treatments at home.

I made avocado cookies last week (I will post a recipe on here soon, promise) and with a spare avocado (I'm not a fan of eating avocado, so its was spare) I was wondering if I could turn it into a facemask.

I decided to use just two ingredients, avocado and natural yogurt.

Its so simple, just peel one avocado and just use the flesh, take out the stone.

Pop the flesh into a blender with a couple of spoonfuls of natural yogurt.

Whizz it up till its nice and smooth and pop in the fridge for an hour and voila.

Paint onto the face and leave for 15 mins

Oh my goodness it was so refreshing, once I washed it off, my skin felt plumper and it glowed, not to mention it was soooo soft.

I will definitely be doing this more often now I know how good it makes my skin feel.

Now I'm wondering what home treatment to do next, any recommendations?

Mrs M xxxx

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