I WON.....

Monday, November 02, 2015

When I heard that Kathryn from Murder of Goths  Georgina from She Might Be Loved  and Katt from A Curvy Cupcake had teamed up to create The Curvee Awards I was thrilled.

To then get nominated for Best Plus Size You Tube 
I was so chuffed.

My little You Tube Channel is actually the large extension if this blog, its the silly side of me, the part I get to share with you thats instant, thats real life (not that this blog isn't, you know what I mean though) its the 3D version.

My favourite part of You Tube is vlogging, I enjoy creating them and taking you along for the ride and they are the most well received videos too 
(that along with a  Primark Haul) 

And so, to receive recognition of this by being nominated along side Leah XL, Natty Nikki & Loey Bug was really amazing for me.

But then.... to hear the news on Saturday that I won.... WOW!!

My smile was bigger than a Cheshire Cat... 

Thank you SO SO MUCH!!

To know you enjoy what I create really does mean the world to me and I'm, truly touched by all that nominated and voted. 
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who was part of 
The Curvee Awards, the nominees and of course the other worthy winners.

We are ALL WINNERS in my eyes. 

Keep doing what you are all doing, you're ALL AMAZING

Thank you again to everyone, esp Kathryn, Georgina & Katt. 
I am even more proud of my little space of the world wide web.

Mrs M xxxx

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