Bra's Galore Review - Freya Rapture Side Support Plunge Bra

Monday, November 23, 2015

I've always been one to shy away from lingerie posts, mainly because I never know how to photograph underwear in my usual goofy state, I'm rubbish at sexy poses and you never know just 
'how much' is 'too' much to show,  y'know. 

However I'm feeling braver lately and seeing as Khila was over this weekend she helped me create some tasteful shots so look out for more underwear posts in the future cause who doesn't like pretty underwear.

And so, today I'm bringing you the Freya Rapture Side Support  Plunge Bra from Bra's Galore.

The bra is a low cut semi sheer checked cup with a cute little orange and black bow in the centre. 

What first struck me about the bra when it first arrived was how sheer it actually was, I have to admit I did a bit of a 'Ooooooooh this is a bit saucy' moment.

But when you actually put it on its really discrete not a bit of nipple in sight.

I went for my usual 38D size and it was really comfy fit and with the added side support it skimmed it all the right places.

I actually found the bra to be quite supportive, something I find rarely with low cut plunge bra's. 

In summary the bra has great support from the band and sides, the cute style is fun and flirty and the plunge and sheer style makes it sexy. 
What more could you ask for....?

You can purchase this Freya Rapture Side Support Plunge Bra HERE

Love Mrs M


*bra sent to me for review, opinions are my own

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