The First Vintage Dress.... Of Many

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I do love a bit of Vintage.
I go to Vintage Fairs, I  have the odd vintage trinket at home, one thing I don't have though is a vintage dress. I have NO IDEA why.

I nearly had one.
I tried on the most gorgeous vintage dress in Vegas but when I went back they had sold out (story of my life) and so when we went to the Blogger Cottage I did get ever so excited at the prospect of getting dressed up and what better way 
than in a Lady Vintage dress.

This is the Dusty Rose Tea Dress.

It screams English Country Garden to me.
I love the print, it's very Cath Kidston esq.
And I felt very swooshy (yes its a word, a made up word), 
swirling around with my petticoat underneath.
One thing I will say is sizing is geneourous on this dress in particular, in fact I could of totally sized down due to the stretch in the fabric, I can't comment on all the other designs and styles but this one was super stretchy.
Also can I just say how reasonably priced Lady V are. 
There is something for all budgets for sure.

I teamed it with a pink cardigan from Primark 
and Black Peep Toe Shoes.
I could totally be a 1950's housewife, I almost want to wear the whole thing again and do the hovering in it.... maybe I will ;)

Thank you to the lovely Lady V for gifting us such lovely dresses, we all look blimmin beautiful if you ask me.

Now I have the first Vintage Dress 
I feel it maybe the the first 
of many.

Mrs M

*dress kindly sent by Lady V
*Photo Credit to Nick Beedles

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  1. This looks fabulous on you - all of you! Put the photo in black and white and it could be a scene out of the 50's. xx
    Just Me Leah

  2. Such a lovely dress and you look amazing in it! Loved all of your house videos especially the Halloween drink making one :) xx

  3. You look fantastic - those colours look phenomenal on you x

    C xx

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