It's a WRAP

Monday, October 26, 2015

Now the Autumn is finally upon us, the clocks have gone back, its darker in the evenings and you can almost see your breath on a crisp morning it’s time to turn my attention to my 
Autumn Wardrobe, especially staple items.

To me a staple item is something that can be worn again and again throughout a season and is versatile.

Today’s item of clothing ticks all those boxes is this gorgeous pink Aztec Wrap from Yours Clothing

I do love me a wrap esp when it’s not quite at that 
‘I’m freezing I need a big coat phase’

I just love the fact I can just throw this over jeans and a top and it can instantly transform an outfit but I can also see me jazzing this up with a pair of black trousers and some heels instead of having to wear a coat. 
Plus its pink, it's girly and it's warm... win win in my eyes.

 Also.... have you noticed I’m wearing a HAT.... this might be my new ‘thing’ ;)

When we went to the blogger cottage we each had one of the new season wraps from Yours and its so nice to see how we all went for completly different styles and styled slightly differently, I love how Naomi added fur to her’s I’m told you can get them from Matalan I will certainly be scouting one of those out. 
But I do feel each wrap encompases a bit of our personality, what do you think?

Which wrap would you go for?

Love these girls ;) 
Mrs M xxxx
 *photo credit goes to the wonderful Nick Beedles thank you Nick :)
*wrap kindy gifted by Yours Clothing

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  1. You look amazing - I love that hat!

    C xx


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