The Classic Cambridge Satchel

Saturday, September 12, 2015

For my birthday I was VERY lucky to receive this gorgeous Cambridge Satchel from Khila.
Talk about spoilt!!

It had it's first outing a couple of weeks ago while we were in Wales.

This particular satchel is the 14" 'Classic' 
Khila knew I had been looking for a bag which was the right size to be able to take my laptop around with 
(I have the 13" MacBook Air) 
This size is just perfect it fits nice and snug as a bug

She also had my initials embossed on the front in gold text, 
cute right!! 
I love this feature on these satchel and how lucky my initials match my name ;)

Lets talk about the colour lush isn't it? 
I know Khi was really debating what colour to get me, but this is just perfect. I love yellow, its will go with a multitude of outfits not only on the Summer (whats left of it)  but its also so apt for the Autumn/Winter trend and will accompany many a maroon, green and as above striped outfit. 

I did a little unboxing video for you over on my channel which you can watch below.

Huge Thanks to Khila for my wonderful birthday present. 
Yours next..... the big 30!!! ;)

Love Mrs M xxxx

Cambridge Satchel available HERE

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  1. In love with this colour such an amazing bag! I need friends that will buy me this for my birthday?!?? :)

    1. Its so nice isn't it, so so lucky xxx

  2. Replies
    1. I know right!!! The colour is spot on xx


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