What's It Like Going To A Movie Premiere? | Magic Mike XXL

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Disclaimer this post is very picture heavy, but of the good kind ;)

This past six months have been insane, this blog to me is by no means a job, its just a hobby, a little extension of my brain, that happens to tumbles onto the internet and my hobby has afforded me to do so many fabulous things this year.

 I've been for dinner with Tess Holliday, Fashion Launches, had Afternoon Tea with Lorraine Kelly, Shot a swimwear campaign and this week I was given the amazing opportunity to go to a movie premiere..... I mean.... wuuuut!!! 

Last Tuesday night myself and Khila in a state of excitement travelled to London to go to the premiere of Magic Mike XXL it was a chance to get all glammed up and grace the red carpet.

What Did We Wear?
Well I contemplated a dress but thought, I would feel self conscious in it, the last thing I wanted to feel on the red carpet and the constant need to pull it down. I wanted ease, I wanted classic, I wanted chic...... 
 I opted for this waistcoat jacket, lime cami top and leggings from Yours Clothing.

Lets also talk about this amazing vibrant clutch bag also from Yours Clothing, it complimented the outfit so well :)
Which I notice is now only £10 in the sale ;)

Khila wore a cute lavender and white dress which matched her hair, which don't you think looks super cute
She will do a post over on her blog I'm sure.

Food& Drink
Before the film we went for afternoon tea at Sketch 
(I'll do a seperate blog post on that) 

With our bellys full of tea and scones we then headed over to 
W Hotel in Leicester Square for pre drinks of 
Elderberry Gin  
Sooooo Good!!!

Then it was time to grace the red carpet...... 
or should I say WHITE carpet.

What is it like on the Red (White) Carpet?
In all honesty the whole thing is very rushed, its crowded and you get carried away with a crowd so you have to slip out from the group to try to get pictures and basically soak it all up. 
I mean by no means were we there to get our photos taken or talk to the movie stars, to just be there and soak up the experience was enough. 
We kept having to stop and drink it all in.... people screaming, papp cameras flashing, yelling, calling, Jada Pinkett Smith being stood right next to us... yep Mrs Will Smith was next to us, she's teeny tiny.

We did manage to grab some pics on the carpet and just inside the Cinema.

What Happens Next?
Well I always assumed that EVERYONE would be in one screen, I'd seen reviews where the cast come in and talk about the film etc etc.... so I was kind of expecting the same, in actual fact the whole cinema is taken up and instead of just going in one screen, you are spread out through the whole cinema over all the screens. We were screen six.
We found our screen and seats and on every seat there was a little box of celebrations and a bottle of water - Nice Touch

On the screen you get to watch all the action from the carpet, interviews, pictures being taken, it drags on for quite a while, but it was also nice to watch and watch the stars of the film interest with the fans outside that I'm sure would of waited hours to catch a glimpse of the idol in the hope of grabbing selfie.

I was sure that once the footage of the stars on the carpet had finished the film would commence but nope..... the lights went down and we were treated to a little dance/strip show.... well would of been rude not to seeing as it was the genre of film we had come to see ;)

Dance over.... we thought the film would surely start... nope.... in walks Jada Pinkett Smith and she introduces the cast one by one.... 

Leaving CHANNING till last..... 
Yes ladies he was just as dreamy in person.
After they chatted a bit and we drooled, they left, moving their way around all 12 screen's I expect, we were so surprised they took the time to do that, they could of easily just gone to the press/celebrity screen, but to take the time to go round to every screen is lovely.

What Was The Film Like?
We actually really LOVED the film, having not seen the first one we wondered if we would get lost in the story, if it would follow on, but no, even if you haven't seen the first one it doesn't matter, in fact a lot of people say the first one was rubbish, I have to say this film was far from rubbish, yes its a bit cheesy in places, its a bit raunchy and grindy, but it also has some shit hot dancing, funny moments and a wicked soundtrack, totally worth a watch.

After the film we headed straight back to the hotel for a PJ party in the hotel, cocktails and bed dancing to the soundtrack.

You can find out all about the experience over on my channel, I vlogged it, I'll link the video below 

We also did a review over on our collar Style On Toast Channel, again you can find the video below.

So there you have it, my first premiere experience, 
would I do it again..? You Betcha!!!

Big Thanks to Warner Bros for our tickets and to Yours Clothing for providing me with my amazing outfit.

Mrs M xxxx

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