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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Confession I'm a bit behind on blog posts, I have been crazy busy and the most I can muster is 15 mins at the computer writing quick posts before I find eyes glazing over through screen glare and tiredness.

But now I have more than 15 mins I wanted to tell you about a fab afternoon I had a couple of weeks ago.

I was very lucky to attend an Afternoon Tea event with the very lovely (I want her to adopt me) Lorraine Kelly.

Lorraine was there with JD Williams showcasing her new A/W collection. 
The collection is lovely, autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and Lorraines collection has the typical A/W colour mixes with an infusion of brights, to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe, for example this dress.....

Here she is in the gorgeous vibrant dress telling us about her collection, her voice is so soothing you can't help but listen intently.

In the same building also doing previews were Mark Heyes and his AVA collection, 
Simply Be and Jacamo.

I love Mark Heyes designs, they are so classic and stylish. 

In fact I wore a Mark Heyes sheer back sleeveless jacket to the event 
(full outfit pic and links below)

Here I am with Mark and another lovely lady there who was also wearing the same jacket styled as a dress, proving how diverse the peice can be and that size doesn't matter.

As for Simply Be wow their A/W collection is looking fab, its very seventies based, but the main pieces I fell in love with are this grid dress...
And this gorgeous gillet...... #drool

Moving onto Jacamo I had little peruse for Chris as he loves shopping at Jacamo and, it seems roll necks are a bit thing for men this autumn winter, I kinda like it. 

It was a very lovely afternoon showcase and its made me really excited fashion wise for the second half of this year. 

What I really love about events like this is getting to hang out with truly awesome babes like Betty and meet new ones like Steph.

Here we are enjoying the most gorgeous apple juice with blueberries 
(man those juices were good)

Before I wrap this post up I have to tell you who else was there.... only Freddie Flintoff..... #swoon 
He was there with Jacamo and I just had to grab a selfie with him, purely to rub it in the faces of female friends hahaha!!!

Big Thank you to JD Williams for a fabulous afternoon, 
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Make sure you go and check out Lorraines collection.

Before I go, here's the outfit I wore on the day, the Mark Heyes sleeveless jacket is just divine and the black jeggings are from Lorraine's current collection, soooo comfy!!!

*What Em Wore*
Stripped Tee - Asda
Sandals - Fashion World
Shades - Primark
Necklace - Cherry Diva

I also vlogged a bit of the afternoon, you can view that below, and if you fancy subscribing to my channel that would be fab, I'm at 3500x subscribers now... yay!!!

Love Mrs M xxxx

*waistcoat and jeggings kindly sent by JD Williams

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  1. Looks like it was a fantastic day. You were so lucky meeting's her, bet she's so lovely xxxx


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