What Em Wore #52 Vegas Lookbook - Daytime

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Now I'm back in the land of the living after horrendous jet lag 

 I thought I would do the first of two Vegas LookBooks for you

Firstly a look at my daytime outfits.


Day One was a travelling day.
I decided to go for comfort, the last thing you need on a 10 hour flight is anything restricting and tight and so I opted for a maxi dress from Asda and this gorgeous yellow waterfall cardigan from Yours Clothing, the spotty scarf from Primark finished off the look brilliantly.


Day Two was a strolling round the strip getting our bearings kinda day and I opted for a all black base of vest top and hareem trousers from Asda and the Kimono is from Simply Be, this is the one I paid £15 for and am still like....whaaaat ONLY £15 quid!!! 
The sunnies are from River Island the flip flops are from Animal and the bag, OH THE BAG, you will see this bag a LOT, I wore it ALL the time I am totally in love with it, its from Yours Clothing and I am going to dedicate an entire post to it very soon.


Day Three I opted for a girlie day, I wore my floral midiskirt from Evans that I got in the January sale, a plain black vest from Asda, cropped pink cardi and sunnies from Primark,  the bag is as above and the flip flops are my new ones I bought out there from 


Day Four, we went to the outlet mall and I wanted to be comfy and cool in the heat and opted for this strippy retro look.
The hair tie and sunnies are Primark,  leggings are from Next and the dress and sandals are new from Fashion World and I love them (full review coming soon)


I was starting to wear out can you tell? 
I'm looking pretty tired haha!!
The heat was wearing me out too, but I carried on regardless.
It was a vest top and hareem kinda day.

The vest top is new from Tesco and cost £5 and was a real bargain, it has ice creams on and is super cute.
The hareem trousers are the ones from day one.

Love this shot of Steve McQueen's eyes behind me, kinda creepy but also very cool.

Sunnies are again from River Island, I'm a bit obsessed with round sunnies at the mo, they remind me of Willy Wonka the one with Johnny Depp haha.


Our last day and it was spend casually perusing the strip and getting last min bits, as well as doing the Coke Cola Experience.

I wore my old feather print maxi dress from Simply Be and a lime
cropped cardi from Primark flips flops are my animal ones

The bag is again my one from Yours Clothing 

The sunnies are my new Ray Bans that Khila kindly gave to me, I did a wee squeal when she gave them to me last month as she told me that the green wasn't really her and you know me, I LOVE green and I LOVE these, I will be reviewing them fully soon.

So there you have it, those were my Six Vegas Daytime Looks.

Later on in the week I will show you my evening outfits. 

I have tried to link as much as I can above with the newer items so you can find them if you're interested. 
Some items are old or may not be available anymore but there are plenty of alternatives around.

If you are subscribed to my You Tube Channel you may have seen the three Vegas Vlogs I did? 
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See you later on in the week for the evening looks.

Love Mrs M xxxx

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