What Em Wore #41 I'm Back

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I'm back did you miss me for the 5 days I've been away?

I was so poorly, I'm still not 100% I have a chest infection and I'm hoping it quickly clears off let me tell you.

I hope you understand why I couldn't do an outfit post since Monday, I have been a grotty mess, I did get blog guilt come Wednesday esp as I was so hoping to post an outfit post every single day, but I've made peace with that fact that sometimes life gets in the way. I would rather you look at half decent pictures rather than half hearted, snotty nosed runny eyed ones, geeesh I wouldn't of wished that on anyone.

And so today it was actually nice to actually take a bit of pride in my appearance rather than throw myself together.

Today we went into town to do some window shopping and mum came with us as she has finally ventured into the 21st century and got herself an iPhone.

Talking of mum, she's actually the one that bought me this gorgeous scarf, as I've been so poorly she came home one night and said she had bought me a little something to cheer me up and it was this oversized scarf from Lettuce.

I'd never heard of them before, I tried to find a website but it seems you can only buy trade, you have to find a stockist, but I did manage to find some times on Amazon and they have some super cute things.

Mum definitely came up trumps with this scarf, to accompany I opted to wear my heart and diamond necklaces that Khila got me for Christmas, to get me in the mood for Vegas. 
41 Days and counting!!

A very simple shopping outfit, made better by my lovely scarf, thanks mummy.

*What Em Wore*
Coatigan - Elvi
Scarf - Lettuce
Necklace - Next (Chritmas Gift)
Boots - Clarks

See you guys tomorrow, it feels good to be back!!!


Mrs M xxxx

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