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Monday, February 09, 2015

Living on the larger end of the clothing size rack can prove a challenge when you try to find something fashionable to wear, when you then throw another aesthetic into the mix it can prove even more difficult.  
A while back Kim and I reviewed a couple of pieces from a high street store's tall and petite range to show how different heights can be styled, something of which we both feel is a huge gap in the plus size market that brands are just not exploiting.  
Being such varying heights, we both work our wardrobes and adapt clothing out there on the high street to suit our shapes as best we can.  
Similar to the Style At Any Size Series I do with Khila, 
Kim and I decided to turn a one off post we did into a monthly challenge, both taking at least one similar garment and styling into an outfit for our size and height.  

We're looking to just showcase our love for fashion, but at the same time make a stand when a dress or top just is not quite right - and that's the long and short of it.  

This month we were kicking off our series by reviewing this Animal Smock Print Dress  we were kindly sent by Simply Be
The dress comes in 
Petite 34inches, Regular 36inches and Tall 38inches

I opted for a 'Regular' as even though I am already short I like my dresses to at least come to my knees, and that's what I was hoping for, but as you can see by the pictures it actually comes up a couple of inches above my knee, now while wearing leggings or tights  that's totally fine, but if I wanted to wear this in the summer I would have to think twice about wearing bare legged and maybe wear some cropped leggings for fear of flashing ;) or I  do have the option to order the tall dress, which would be fine for me but it made made me wonder how Kim's dress may fare on her considering she's 6 foot and the fact that there are no other options for her after tall, this dress may end up as a tunic on her.

That being said I do love this dress, I have become a HUGE fan of lime green and I'm steadily building up a nice citrus collection in my wardrobe.

The print on this dress is just gorgeous, stylish and on trend and makes you feel instantly summer ready even in this colder weather, as for the price this dress is easy on the purse strings at only £25.00.

The fit on this dress is actually really good too, as its a smock dress I opted to size down and found the size 18 that I'm wearing to be roomy and comfy, I did wonder about the boobie dept as I'm not overly blessed so its not a problem to me but after chatting to Kim she said she found hers to be quite roomy with no 'squashed boob syndrome' going on.

You can hop over to Kim's blog and read her review HERE to see her thoughts on the dress. 

Kim's the one that actually took my pictures for me last weekend at Coombe Abbey, its so nice to get together with blogging friends cause they always know the best pics to take without asking, so thanks Kim.

Although, what happens when you get together with one of your bestie blogger mates?
Funny pics like this thats what.....

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of The Long & Short of It, we'll be back next month, let us know if you have any styles you would like us to try?

Mrs M xxx

*dress kindly sent by Simply Be

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