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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Did you know that Yours Clothing now stock
Menswear some going up to a 5XL
Amazing News Right?

It's about time I got Mr M to grace the pages of my blog with me instead of behind the camera and so when Yours Clothing kindly sent us some matching outfits it was a perfect chance for a mini couples photoshoot, with my mum on camera duty bless her.

Mrs & Mrs Grey 

No were not going all 50 Shades on you, this is PG blog don'tcha know ;)

The first look is a casual look in grey, Chris does love wearing grey tops, me, not so much, but lately as I mentioned in yesterdays post, I'm really warming to it.

Chris is wearing the scoop neck graffiti print t- shirt, 
(ooh la la check out his blogger posing - I taught him all he knows ha!)
The sizing on this is perfect, Chris is normally a 2XL and whenever he purchases from new brands he's always apprehensive as you can never tell what the fit is going to be like, much the same as us ladies.
He opted to go for his usual 2XL size and kept his fingers crossed and... it fits like a dream so the sizing on this is just right.
The T-Shirt quality is also great and is a nice thick material. 

He loved the design and he does tend to favour this style of t-shirt. For the quality the price I'd say is very reasonable.

I opted for this Grey Marl Sweatshirt
 I love how casual it is, as I said I don't do grey or casual really so this made a pleasant change.

What I will say with this though is its not very giving and for a more slouchy look if that's what you are after I would size up a couple of times, I opted for my normal size and although it fits its not 'slouchy' if you know what I mean. 
It really depends on the look you're going for though.

I just love these funny shots, its totally 'us' to a tee, always messing about.

*What We Wore*

Chris - T Shirt

Mrs & Mrs Monochrome

The second look we went for  was my favourite 
The Monochrome Trend. 

I mean ooooofffft how good does my Mr M look in this shirt!!? ;)

Much the same as the t shirt the sizing on this was spot on and Chris is wearing the same, a 2XL, the fabric is nice and lightweight and he's already packed it away in his case to take to Vegas 
 - seal of approval from Mr Millard!!

I opted for this white sleeveless top and black chiffon longline shirt combo and I love the looks they can create, a casual look with my black jeggings and pumps, but they can also be dressed up with heels for a night out.

This is the kind of outfit I can see me wearing to a gig, and its goes so well with Chris' outfit too.

 I am loving the longline shirt this one is the perfect length for me, but they also do an even longer one if you are much taller, you can find that here.

*What We Wore*
Chris - Shirt
Em - Top
                              Longline Blouse

I really love how some of these shots turned out.
 I think Mr M should feature more regularly don't you?

You can check out the new Menswear collection here, they have some really good pieces on there and I know Chris can't wait to see what the future holds.
Being a plus size man sometimes his options can be limited, so its nice that companies like
Yours Clothing are actually listening to the customers needs.


Mr & Mrs M xxxx

*tops kindly sent by Yours Clothing

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