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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're baaaaaaaaack, did you miss us?!!!

You may remember last year myself and Khila created the series Style At Any Size?
It ran for a good while and then we decided to take a little break from it as we didn't want to saturate you every single week.

Well, were back.... I think the plan is to bring you a new style every month.

If you remember we used to film separate videos over on our main channels, however we've decided to change this and move the 
Style At Any Size videos over onto our collab channel 
Style On Toast as it seemed more fitting.

You can find this month's video below.

 As you can see the style this month is 

I do love a good chunky knit jumper and if you are following my #WhatEmWore series then you will know I wore this jumper on Sunday link HERE

This jumper is from Simply Be and I actually purchased it a good year ago that I found in my wardrobe and  have fallen back in love.
I think its the colour that really makes it for me.... its so vibrant and I love the ombre effect and the length is perfect covering my belly which is where I feel the most self conscience.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find you can still purchase this jumper so go grab a bargain while you still can, you can find the link HERE

Make sure you go over to Khila blog and see the chunky knit she has just purchased, 
I'm loving the colour and wanting one myself already.

If you have any styles or trends you would like to both try then please let us know.


Mrs M xxxx

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