What Em Wore...... The Series

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yes thats right..... starting from tomorrow I plan to blog 
EVERY SINGLE DAY in my new series 
'What Em Wore'

The plan is to blog an OOTD picture everyday.

 My aim is to:

A) Be more pro-active on my blog


B) Try to push my fashion boundaries EVERY day.

We can all be guilty of falling into the trap of wearing the same thing again and again... I know I am, especially at work, I wear the same old things during the week.... well.... no more.... I plan to take outfit pictures everyday and post them every evening for you.

Some pictures may not be the greatest quality and have to be from my phone, some days I may have duvet days 
in which case you will get PJ pictures.
Some posts may have more detail than others, 
some days may just be pictures and links.
Either way I plan to get busy on the blog this year.

I will be using the hashtag  #whatemwore on Twitter and Instagram if you would like to follow my fashion journey?

Here's to the next 365 fashion days...I'm excited


Mrs M xxxx

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