Casual Saturday #Celfie & New Hair!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gotta love a casual Saturday, those days when you can just lie in till whatever time you want. BLISS

Yesterday we had the laziest day ever, in fact all we did was venture to the supermarket 
to get some bread for lunch the rest of the time I mooched around the house and pottered, oh and I dyed my hair 
(correction...Chris helped me dye it bless him) the night before, what do you think? 
Much redder now. I love it!!!

What I Wore
Hoodie: Chris' from Jacamo
Denim Skirt: George @ Adsa (old)
Leggings: New Look (old)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend? 

Congrats to all the worthy winners at the British Plus Size Awards, I was gutted I couldn't go but the cost was just too much with Christmas coming up and a Vegas Holibob in a few months time.
I loved seeing all the pics, everyone looked tres glam!!!

Congrats to Plus North on their win, feeling proud to have been able to assist 
in the event in some way or another over the past two years!! 
Big Yaaaaaays and congrats all round!!! 


Mrs M xxxx

*t shirt kindly sent by Yours Clothing

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  1. Love this look! Fabulous as usual! :)


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