Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain - Barcelona Nights

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Don't all fall over in shock... I'm actually doing a beauty post, infact I want to do more of these, 
would this interest you?
Initially I started this as more of a beauty blog and then before I knew it I discovered the 
Plus Size Community and it became more of a Fashion & Lifestyle blog but I love my make up and so today I bring you Lip Gloss people.. Lip Gloss...

OK mini blog summary over, onto the product.

A few weeks back I was perusing the Revlon makeup stand in Boots, its one of my favourite brands 
I have to say, and I discovered they had some new lip glosses out, no wait Moisture Stains. 
Is Moisture Stain the new word for lip gloss?

Now usually I hate  lipgloss and to this day I still don't know what drew me to them, maybe it was the picture of Olivia Wilde looking dream like behind the array of glosses, or the sleek sophisticated packaging who knows, but all I know is I picked up two of them 
(it was two for a tenner), swatched them, loved the colours and thought... 
OK lipgloss, time to give you another try.

And I'm so glad I did, these are gloss like yet without the tackiness with an almost gel like texture. 
Ah maybe that's where the Moisture Stain name come in?

This is my favourite of the two colours I got.

 Barcelona Nights I love my pink lipsticks I do.

The other colour I got was Rio Rush but I haven't worn that one yet.

In terms of coats, I'd say you have to apply at least two good coats to get an even coverage but once its on there the staying power is really good as well as being a really comfortable feel.

In the past I have put on lipglosses and immediately wanted to wipe them straight off cause of how they feel, but these are smooth and balm like on the lips, remnant of the lip butters 
(which I also happen to love)

All in all a success, thank you Revlon for restoring my faith in lip gloss... no wait sorry... Moisture Stains ;)

I now want the whole collection, especially India Intrigue, with its subtle berry tones it looks perfect for Autumn.

I think another trip to Boots is in order soon.

Love Mrs M xxxx

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  1. It looks really nice and cheekbones alert! Hottie. x x


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