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Monday, September 08, 2014

Today I want to talk to you about Blogging Buddies, friends you meet over the internet, friends that probably know you the best as you share the same hobbies and interests with them, friends that, when you tell friends or family outside of the bloggy/vloggershere that you met on the internet they all think you're a bit weird.... 
But I can honestly say that blogging and vlogging has led me to some of my greatest friendships those of which I will tell you about over the coming weeks. 

A year ago today I first met one of my bestest blogging buddies,

Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty.

Its hard to believe we only met a year ago it feels like longer as we have done so much in those 12 months, in fact I think we have somehow managed to see each other every month, which is a great achievement considering we live the opposite ends of the country to ea other.

When people ask how we met we are both a bit hazy, I know I had followed her blog and channel for a little while and I remember emailing her when she had an idea about her Khila Talk videos and then the emails became more frequent and then somehow I ended up at her house on a Monday Morning after Plus North to film some Khila Talk videos with her and Laura from Laura Loves Beauty ...... the rest they say is history... I guess when you get on with somebody it shows.

In summary our year of friendship has been spent:

Drinking and Dancing on nights out

Going to see Hanson - yes Hanson!

Chatting for hours in our hotel room that we nearly missed the Hanson concert

Pretending we were 15 again and waiting backstage to catch a glimpse of Hanson  - yes Hanson
(Issac Hanson ooooft)

Goofing about in Primark

Filming silly videos

Disagreeing over lipsticks all the ones she loves, I hate

Me lusting after her handbag collection, but me still choosing to purchase mine from Primark

Her trying to get me to like Parks and Rec's - I... just, just... can't

Yet totally Converting me into a Aziz Ansari fan
  Mission complete on that one, your next mission 30 Rock ....

Trying to embrace ea others clothes style being polar opposites and starting a Style Series on our channels showing it doesn't matter what size you are.

Endless conversations about what we want to do to our hair next

Her spending hours in a changing room with me just so she could help me shoot a video and take pics.

Sending ea other links to stupid You Tube channels

Fisher Price House Parties

Collabing on a blog and channel together 

www.styleontoast.com by the way if you want to add us to bloglovin or subscribe to our You Tube Channel ;)

Stupid texting  

Leading onto mad half hour text sprees of ideas for channels, the zanier the better - Which reminds me, we still need to film that POP Goes my heart video. ha!

Booking a holiday together to Las Vegas and having to listen to our husbands go on and on about it... hurry up March

And she has taught me:

That I constantly pronounce H& M incorrectly

I don't have enough lipsticks and need more (not Matte Balms though - yuck)

The importance of highlighter

I can wear Grey and LIKE it

I'm crap at editing, but that's OK, she edits so well for the both of us ;)

Its OK to speak my mind and not just agree with everything

and finally to push myself more, Khila is very good at pep talking and pushing you forward to strive to better yourself, she doesn't sugar coat things and that what I truly admire in her. 

Happy Friend-iversary my Style on Toast buddy, here's to many more years of silliness

Mrs M xxxx

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  1. I really loved reading this blog post, (Well I love all your blog post's) But this blog post gave me a bit of the emotions haha (conceal Don't feel :D) I loved reading about yours and Khila Friendship is so lovely to hear about. I couldn't believe you have only known each other for 12 months I thought it had been years, Well that just goes to show how amazing and true your friendship is.
    A great blog post (especially loved the text haha)


    Sophie xx


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