Clothes With Meaning

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today I want to talk to you about Clothes with meaning.
Now usually when we think of sentiment its usually an item of jewellery or perhaps a photograph, those kinds of things, but I'm sure we all have that something in our wardrobe too that means a lot to us evoking certain memories?
 Something that takes us back to a time and place, or maybe just reminds you of somebody.

Today I want to share with you this.....

This cardigan may not look like a lot to people, but to me its everything.

This was my Nan's cardigan.

She passed away nearly a year ago now and there are certain days when I still have to remind myself she's gone. 
She was my glamourous granny, as I liked to call her. 
She always had her hair and make up done, she loved bling and handbags, fashion and bright lipsticks. 
I think that's where I get my love from to be honest from watching her and my mum as I grew up.

When she passed away I wanted a few reminders, a few keep sakes.

This cardigan reminds me so much of her, she wore it a lot. 
I have vivid memories of her wearing this with a necktie 50's style, to just wearing it plainly with a T shirt and reading me a bedtime story when I was a little girl.

It means more to me that I know how to express, I was reluctant to wear it at first, I didn't want to wash it just incase it had her scent on it or heaven forbid got it ruined, but now, now I wear it with pride, everytime I wear it, it feels like she's close to me.
Do you have an item of clothing that has a lot of sentiment attached?

Over on my sister blog Style on Toast that I collab on with 
Miss Budget Beauty we are looking to run a feature on this and we would love to encorporate your pictures, even videos of you and the items that mean something to you.

This time we are looking at clothing but we may well branch off into accesroies and jewellery at a later date. 
We would love you to get involved.

If you would like to take part then please email us your pics with summaries or videos to or tweet us on @StyleonToast for more details.


Mrs M xxxx

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