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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Some of you might have noticed that I have been a little lacklustre of late ..... life has been so busy and at times that I have just wanted to hide away under the duvet until all the busy busy that surrounds me stops, alas I can't do that, so instead I will just tell and show you the little snippets of my life as of late.... a round up if you will.....

OK Firstly...... Hands up who's following my new blog??? 
If you are reading this on Its Em then ignore me, if you are reading this from Meet The Millards (yep I'm parallel posting) then get on and follow my new blog.... www.itsemchannel.blogspot.com

Have I confused you....? I hope not ... if I have then sorry..... I know what will make up for it, cute baby pictures yes???......

Yep a few weeks ago I become an Auntie, Baby Martha arrived into the world and the family are all besotted with her, myself and Chris are totally going to be the cool Aunt & Uncle and will no doubt spoil her rotten.

Moving on from babies, to toddlers, my gorgeous Goddaughter turned 3. Three whole years old.... where has the time gone?
I remember the day they brought her home and we swaddles her in muslin, peered over her moses basket and then all ate fish and chips.
She is such a bright, funny and love able girl that is transforming all the time, my only regret is that we have not been able to spend as much time with her as life has been crazy busy, but we certainly enjoyed her birthday party.

What next..... ah Yes..... PLUS NORTH.... ya know.....that annual Plus Size event thingy that I am involved in this year.
Well I can't quite believe that in 3 weeks time it will be here!!!
It has been an amazing experience to be a part of the team this year and we plan to make it an awesome event for you all to enjoy.
If you haven't already got your ticket then hurry hurry...
Tickets can be bought HERE

Not only have I been involved in Plus North I have also been starting up a Brand New Collab Blog and You Tube with the lovely Khila from Miss Budget Beauty its called Style on Toast and is basically a mix mash of everything, we've got style, we've got home décor, challenges, cookery, book reviews, film reviews you name it....

Two weeks ago I spend a whole weekend at Khila's filming videos it for it and it was such fun and can't wait to do the next bunch again in a month or so.
The Blog and Channel only went live a few days ago, we would love you to go and take a look and follow us on every social media outlet you can find, you can find.
I feel like I am bombarding you with lots of info and things to follow and look at, but its cause I'm so excited and want to share everything with you all.
Now I'm sure you can see why I have been so busy

What else....Wedding Season!!! 
My cousin got married which was a lovely family day and I did shed a tear when she walked down the aisle.

Also my best friend got married.

I was a very proud bridemaid at my friends wedding and we had the most amazing weekend on the beach watching her marry her soulmate and we had some fab photo's taken. 

I think that's about it for now.... I feel like there has been so much more going on but there is only so much I can type.
Did I mention I have been vlogging at weekends too over on my You Tube Channel if you fancy a nosey.
I hope that kind of explains where I have been?
Right I'm off to get my busy back on... I have lots of birthdays this month including my own and then its Plus North at the end... eeeee excited !!
Mrs M xxx

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