No IMATS and an afternoon in Milton Keynes

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Last Saturday I was supposed to be going to IMATS but sadly I didn't get a ticket in time.

I contemplated going anyway for a girlie weekend, then I thought about going for just the day but sadly my bank balance told me otherwise, I'm gutted I didn't go but in other ways I'm glad I didn't because I know I would of spent way too much money and then cried afterwards.

Instead myself and Chris decided to go for a drive to Milton Keynes, we've both never been to the shopping centre and we knew that Kirsty from a Drop Of Glitter lived nearby so we figured we could catch up with her as she was on the way home from IMATS herself.

The journey was only supposed to take just over 2 hours - it took us 4!!!

The traffic was so bad and then the rain... oh maaaa gawd the rain.

We kinda contemplated turning around but we'd already got thus far so decided to continue.

A quick Starbucks to refuel and we finally got there!!!

Kirtsy was already there by the time we arrived, can you believe she had been to IMATS and driven back all in the time it took us to get to Milton Keynes. Madness.

After the desperate need for a McChicken Sandwich (the diet was off that day) as we were starving we then decided to peruse the shops - more window shop more than anything else.

I had my eyeliner done at the Benefit counter at Boots and we had silly pictures taken there.....

We tried Bubble Tea, the strangest thing I have ever tried - it literally is a drink that has a bubble in you have to pop.  So bizarre.

Although I didn't get to spend a lot of time with Kirsty it was lovely to see her, that is the beauty of Blogging and YT, the friends you make along the way.
Myself and Kirts speak every single day and she never fails to make me laugh.

She is such a lovely person, not to mention kind, she bought me back an IMATS bag (yay - it looks like I've been hahaha) and also she bought me a present, this gorgeous Nars Blusher in Orgasm.

I'd been talking about it for a while and had said to her, if is was on sale could she get me one.
She said she wanted to give it me as a present as I had made her laugh during a particulary crap week for her. 
Sooo sooo lovely and I'm still thanking her now the naughty bugger.

On the way home Chris promised I could go to the Primark, it is situated on a retail park and is frikkin huge - I managed to pick up a few goodies but was also quite restrained. Look out for a haul coming soon of that.

After my little shop in Primark we decided to pop to our local Harvester, we haven't been there for ages and they have changed the menu, I had Pasta Shells stuffed with Goats Cheese and Brocolli, OMG the best thing I have had on ages and it was only £4.99 bargain.

All in all it was a nice day out, despite the drive there and was good to do something different and to catch up with Kirtsy.

Right, now back to reading everyone else's IMATS hauls and seeing what I missed......
Next Year I WILL go!!!!


Mrs M xxxx

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