I'm terrible at sticking to a schedule.....But I have reasons

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gaaaaah I'm terrible at sticking to an everyday schedule, I try my hardest but always get waylaid..... why do I do this to myself?  I promise and then not come up with the goods..... *kicks self*

OK a couple of reasons......

1) Immense toothpain, honestly the pain has been so bad I have been shaking, toothache is the worst and the last thing you want to do is think, type, take pictures.
I finally had stage one of Root Canal Treatment today... Ohhhmeeeergad...... the pain..... esp as the dentist didn't even seem to wait for the anaesthetic to kick in.... let just say I had a lot of silent tears in that dentist chair, followed by a lot of real tears after cause of the shock.
This really isn't helping my dentist fear in the slightest... I have the second part of the appointment on Monday, wish me luck

2) Secondly, I'm an Auntie.
 We have been to visiting my sister in law over the past week or so, she was 2 weeks overdue bless her and fed up and Finally yesterday morning I became an Auntie. 
A proud one at that, gorgeous little Martha-Ann is the most adorable thing I have seen. 
Expect a fully fledged doting Auntie post in the near future.

And so, those are my excuses...... lol.
I just don't think blogging everyday is for me.
I lasted a week... pathetic... *eye roll* 
I think my efforts are much better when I can focus on two or three posts a week... lesson learnt.... 

By way of apology here are a few photos of my beautiful Niece..... *cue oooooooo and ahhhhh's*

Love Auntie Em xxxx

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