Not Plus Size Enough???

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So there I was sat at my desk yesterday lunchtime reading all about the launch of  Hayley Hasslehoff  being the face of the Yours Clothing Summer range and I was drawn to their Facebook Page.
The amount of negative comments on this really surprised me, a few not knowing who she was, a few with the opinion it should be an English model and the thing that surprised me the most, the amount of people that thought she wasn't 'plus size enough'..... what the hell!!!?
What is 'not plus size enough'???
For most of the plus size brands out there, plus size can start at a size 12, and the average woman is a size 16 so statistics say, and this campaign is just adhering to statistics.
So what!! They used an American model, So what!!! She's 'only' a size 16.
Why focus on the negative. Focus on the collection, Focus on the gorgeous clothes in the summer range, Focus and embrace the fact that Yours Clothing care about their customers, Focus on the fact that they go up to a size 32, Focus on the fact that they regularly use bloggers on their site, blog and facebook page and constantly promote the plus size community by posting pictures and links.
I don't understand the need for negative comments.
As a plus size community shouldn't we be embracing people of all shapes and sizes not telling them they're not fat enough.
To me that's no different to the 'you can't sit with us' mentality.
Personally I love the range it has some really cute pieces and Hayley is a gorgeous model and I can't wait to try some of the items. Well Done Yours Clothing, top marks from me.
Yours Clothing is one of the premier sponsers of Plus North and I can't wait to see what they will show on the catwalk in ALL sizes.
Don't forget you can still buy your Plus North tickets HERE
Lets all just be nice to each other now yeah??
Mrs M xxxx 

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  1. I can not believe people are being Negative to Hayley, She is so Beautiful, I think in any community you will have people moaning about a person's size, Its like someone on the catwalk saying that she is to overweight and to plus size. Now WIth this community its the opposite saying she is too small and not plus size enough. I Don't think it matters at all as you have said in you blog post.
    I think wherever you are and in what every community you are in there will always people trying to be negative. But as I said she is beautiful and as you said all that matters is the clothes.


    1. Exactly Sophie - always gonna get the haters unfort xx


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