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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Once again I have been looking longingly at renewal dresses, I blame Miss Budget Beauty entirely.
This weekend we are FINALLY booking our Vegas trip for next year - I am so excited I cannot tell you.

During our time there we fully intend to renew our vows, in the beginning I wanted something romantically lit and in the evening, now I'm thinking full on cheesy and quirky at somewhere like the doowop diner.

During my dress search you may have seen me mention missdressshop.co.uk and their wedding dresses 2014  
I did a post on them recently, well I have been looking daily on their website for inspiration and styles, I thought about this one...

But now I have decided that's a little too short for me.... I think I want a tea dress style like this one.

I also have ideas of lace and beads, I have ideas of off the shoulder, I have ideas of wearing bright pink heels and a flower in my hair.

Soooo many ideas at the moment and so many dresses to try in the meantime.

What are your thoughts on an renewal dresses? What style would you choose?

Mrs M xxx

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