Vow Renewal Thoughts....?

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Being as it was our 7th wedding anniversary this week it got me a thinking.

As some of you are aware we plan to go to Vegas next year with my friend Khila and her hubby.

While we are there we fully intend to renew our vows, we wanted to get married abroad the first time but family ties prevented this so being as next year we will have actually been together 15 years, I see this as a nice milestone that the opportunity can’t be missed, plus... its VEGAS BABY!!!

I have so many ideas in my head of what I would like, i’ve seen a gorgeous romantic setting at one of the hotels that pulled on my dreamy heart strings but then the quirky side of me loves the idea of getting remarried by Elvis.

That aside, I need to think about my outfit. I’ve already had the big wedding and the big (well it wasn’t that big) wedding dress. Now I’m thinking of something smaller, something that still says wedding, but more subtle and I think I have decided to go down the route of maybe  a prom style dress.

I know I want something that comes to just over my knee, or to a midi length as it is very forgiving on a plus sizer like me. I want something beaded or possibly lacey too.

I came across this website called www.missdressshop.co.ukand they do some beautiful dresses for all occasions, WeddingDresses, Prom Dresses 2014, Occasion dresses.

They also have a lot of things on Pintrest, I’ve been perusing A LOT!!

This dress really caught my eye? What do you guys think?
It looks short but I'm a shortie so I'm thinking this could work Does it say Vow Renewal? 
Do you think I could wear something like this? Its under £90 too totally in budget.
 I have totally fallen in love with it.

Only T minus 10 months till vow renewal...... expect plenty more posts like this in the near future as I get excited.

Mrs M xxx

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  1. Love that dress! We got married in Vegas 18 years ago, eeek, you'll have a great time! xx

  2. Such a cute dress! Lace is always a winner and I like how fun it is.



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