So, I joined Slimming World.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sooooo yes that's right, I joined slimming world last week.

I had been wanting to for a while and kept putting it off as it just wasn't the right time, or I was on holiday or I had been away for a weekend. Enough with the excuses I thought..... Just crack on and join a club!!!!

I've done Slimming World before and I know it works for me as you can eat loads and can eat my favourite thing.... PASTA - helloooo I am half Italian!!!

Going to the first class I think is the hardest part... getting weighed for that first time.
Now, I just want to put it out there... I'm not ashamed of my body - far from it, I'm not desperately unhappy, I'm not insecure - those of you that know me will know this.  
I don't intend on loosing masses but I just NEED to loose weight for a number of reasons, I recently had a heart scare, which quite frankly scared the shit out of me, I need to get fitter, my knees are starting to hurt - I guess attributed to the weight I am carrying, and more importantly before the NHS will give us IVF I need to loose a certain amount of weight to fit the criteria. As you will know Chris and myself have been trying for a baby for 7 years now and enough is enough I HAVE to do this, for US!!!

So there we have it, I'm all signed up.... You can watch my 'I Joined Slimming World' video over on my channel HERE.

I intend on doing regular update videos, I had planned to update every week but don't want to spam you with it so I have decided just regular updates will be better with a few adhoc videos here and there - hell I might even do a cookery video one time.

But if you want regular updates you can always follow me on Instagram 'itsemchannel'

As for my first weigh in...... I LOST 5lbs!!! I am SO CHUFFED!!!

This plan really does work and I am looking forward to my journey and joining the amazingly supportive Slimming World community I have found.


Mrs M xxxx

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