Perfect Purple Pouting...

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Have you sent in your #PlusNorthPout??

I couldn't talk about pouting and not show you my new lippie.

I am a lipstick junkie, I own so many I could fill a whole drawer, but until this year I had never owned a MAC lipstick ..... What!!? I hear you cry... Hangs head in shame!!!

I am slowly building up my MAC collection and here is my latest purchase.
MAC Heroine.

It is a gorgeous deep purple colour, I always shyed away from purple lippies but since discovering Up The Amp also from MAC 
I found that purple lippes aren't that frightening at all... they are AWESOME.

They bring out that quirkiness in me, and I can always guarantee someone will make a comment when I am wearing a purple lippie. I find that people really love it and are also intrigued by it at the same time if that makes sense?

What do you guys think of purple lippies? Any recommendations to add to my collection?

You can buy MAC Heroine HERE

Mrs M xx

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