#StyleAtAnySize Part 5 Sports Luxe

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can you believe we are 5 weeks in already. 
This series is just whizzing by.

I've really enjoyed most of these styles over the weeks, 
but I must say this one really did push me out of my comfort zone. 
The outfit is comfy to wear yes, but I just didn't feel like me 
and in hindsight I think a more floaty top would be more appropriate but there we go. 

On the other hand though, 
how amazing does Khila look in hers. 
It so her, her style and she rocks it.

That's not to say I don't like this outfit, the bomber jacket 
is just gorgeous and I am definitely going to experiment 
with it more and style it up in other ways and the trousers are so comfy 
and in need of a floral top hahahaha. 

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Vest Top: So Fabulous @ Very

This series is all about challenging ourselves, 
trying new things, experimenting. 
Some thing we are going to love, some we are going to be unsure of like I am of this, 
but the fact is  I tried and everyone loves a trier right?.... 
Plus.... I even put my hair up, this NEVER happens, ha.

Hop on over to my YT channel HERE to view the video 
and check out Khila's Channel HERE 
and her blog to see how she styled this outfit. 

What do you guys think of this weeks outfit choice? 
Should I experiment more with this kind of look?.... 
I need convincing, but its been fun trying.

Make sure you tune in next week, cause I really loved that outfit and I hope you will too.

*jacket and trousers kindly sent to me by Next

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