My Big Fat Greek Wedding / Christening

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tomorrow we will be on a plane transporting us to Greece, when we get there we have a 3 hour drive into one of the small villages and that is where we will be residing for the next week. 
We are about to embark on as the title suggests a 
Big Fat Greek Wedding/ Christening.

One of my best friends is getting married to her childhood sweetheart, they met on the island of Kos some 18 years ago when my friend went over on holiday and he lived there and they had a holiday romance. Flash forward some years later and life passing you by and the power of the Internet they reconnected several years ago now, reignited the original spark and taaaa daaaaaa they have two beautiful children and are about to get married in his Greek village.

It just goes to show that some holiday romances do last, be it several years after they started but hey.... sometimes you gotta kiss a few frogs to find (or re-find) your prince.

I am so excited to be able to part of their special day and no doubt I will cry like I always do at weddings. 
When I was younger I always wondered why people cried at weddings? I just didn't get it, but being married now I totally see it, its that emotion and joy of LOVE. 
LOVE is one of the most powerful emotions imaginable.

I have never been to a Greek wedding before and can't wait to be part of it and experience a new culture, although I hear they don't do plate smashing anymore... booooo I was looking forward to part.

Not only are we going to the wedding we are also part of the Christening for their beautiful girls who I have come to love as my own. I am Godmother and this is HUGE deal for me, I feel a sense of responsibility, a sense of feeling the need to help protest and nurture but I also want to be one of those cool godmothers who they can come to and play dress up in my wardrobe and I can give them makeovers when they are like 7, Cool Auntie Em :)

All in all I'm just excited to be part of it all and experience a different culture and village life opposed to an all inclusive hotel we are used to when we go abroad.

I'll be vlogging everyday whilst I'm there and will start downloading as soon as I get back so make sure you subscribe to my You Tube Channel so you can see what we got up to.

See you guys in a week 


Em xxxx

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