When will it be my turn to receive a Mothers Day Card?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey Everyone,

Firstly Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there. I hope you're all having a lovely day and secondly big hugs to everyone who's mums or children are sadly no longer with us as today I know will be a mixed emotion day. 

Speaking of mixed emotions you may have guessed by the title, Mothers Day stirs up a plethora of emotions for me. 

I love to spoilt my mum. She is my ultimate best friend. Always there in times of need and always looking after me and Chris too. I always buy her the prettiest card and flowers plus added extras because she's my mum and I love her. 

But today is also a sad day as for me as it highlights the fact that I'm not a mum. 
As I peruse the cards and pick one for my mum my heart is often heavy cause I'm left wondering

'Will I ever get one of these cards one day?' 
'Will I ever get a bunch of Mothers Day flowers?' 
'Will Chris ever get to sit there with our little one making a mess whilst they attempt to make me a handmade card?' 
'Will I ever get that morning when the kids attempt to make me breakfast in bed but leave half the shell in but I still lovingly smile and eat (or crunch) it anyway just to see their face light up as they are so proud they've made it for me.?' 

Will I?..... I don't know.... 

I try not to let it get to me as much now and as the years pass by (7 now with an empty womb) it has gotten easier to deal with but it's inevitable that I get these thoughts flash into my head on a day like today. 

And so today I'm going to give my mum a hug and a kiss and spoil her and be thankful that we have ea other today as I know others aren't so fortunate cause that's what Daughters do and she's going to hug me back and tell me that one day it 'will' happen for us cause that's what mums do. 

So if you are Mummy have a lovely day whatever you are doing and hang that homemade card somewhere high where everyone can see it as you are so blessed to have something so special, but you already knew that.


Em xx

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  1. I am so sorry you feel like this at the moment Emma <3

    Hopefully you can cheer up soon, keep smiling :)



  2. Huge hugs Hun.... I know my situation is different and I am only 26 .... 2 years ago I came out of a 5 year relationship.... I believed this relationship was the one I would marry and have kids unfortunately he is Albanian and is parents wanted in with an Albanian so set up and arranged marriage for him.... I had moved to Italy to be in this relationship and lost all friends in England.... Anyway 2 years ago I came to England to visit my family and I got the relationship finished on the phone and internet.... Since then my confidence as plummeted badly as I always question why? I have no friends or nothing in England and never go out unless it's shopping with my mum..... I never get to meet people and feel I will always be lonely without kids...and so like you I spoil my mum so much.....

  3. Hi Em! Please, please do not give up hope! I do not know which fertility problems you have to deal with, but I wanted to tell you the story of one of the singers in one of my choirs (I am a musicteacher and choirleader). She and her hubby tried to get pregnant, but she already had 4 early term miscarriages and had nearly given up hope. She was 38 at that time, nearing 39. When she told us her story with tears in her eyes, I remembered what a friend of mine had done when I was 23 and thinking about having a baby. She gave me a little ceramic turtle and said that the native american indians say: "A woman can only get preggers when one of her friends who is already a mum gives her a turtle as a present!" Next year I had my beautiful baby boy... So I gave Anke (the woman trying to get preggers) a turtle as a gift. She got pregnant! She had a girl then and had a boy 3 years later and is very happy. And it does not matter which sort of turtle - ceramic, wood, whatever... As long as it is turtle-shaped. I think a turtle given by your mum would work fine!


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