Car Boot Comfy

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hey Everyone,

So last Sunday we did a car boot. The first one of the year!!

I love a good mooch round a car boot you never know what you might find, I love actually selling at Car Boots too, getting rid of old stuff and making money, whats not to love. 

What is they say, 'another persons junk is another persons treasure'... or somat like that anyways...

Being as it was such a beautiful weekend last weekend I decided to crack out the sunnies and wear a couple of new items I bought from Primark.

Here's what I wore....

Sunnies: Primark £1
Rolling Stones Tee: Primark £8
Tube Skirt: Asda - Old
Leggings: New Look £12 pk of 2
Grey Pumps: Primark £3
Cardigan Below: Old

In total we made £135 - awesome!!! Not bad for a few hours work!!!

Now I have more room in my wardrobe for more clothes hahahaha!!

The money is going into our Las Vegas fund for next year!! Yaaay!!


Em xxxx

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