Why it's OK to buy maternity clothes when you're not actually pregnant

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sooo today I wanted to show you my dress.....

Shop The Look:
Dress: ASOS Maternity Section
Belt: My Nan's
Waterfall Cardi: George @ Asda

Pretty isn't it? 
It's from the ASOS maternity section. 
No I'm not preggers, although sometimes I can look pregnant  depending on how much pasta I've eaten, sadly my womb is empty. 

But that doesn't stop me perusing the maternity selections. 
Why you ask? 

Well I find that the maternity sections tend to be 
a) Roomier 
b) Longer 
c) Have more choice

I think in the past I have always been a bit hesitant to look at the maternity sections, but after embracing it I see its not all stretchy jeans and panelled tops. 
You can actually get some truly lovely things.

So if you are after something new, I would highly recommend checking out the maternity sections too, you might pleasantly surprised.


Em xx 

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  1. I bought two pairs of maternity jeans today, simply because i liked them and i figure if i eat too much its gonna be all good coz the waist is stretchy :D

  2. I don't really think it matters where your clothes are from as long as you like them and they fit nicely!



  3. the latest maternity and pregnancy clothing with ASOS. Shop for cute cheap maternity dresses, maternity tops, maternity lingerie & maternity going-out clothes.


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