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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I was tagged by Mikhila over at Miss Budget Beauty to go through my Facebook profile pictures and basically show you all the profile pictures I've had over the years.
Which is a LOT.
I first joined Facebook in 2007, I'd not long got married, everyone kept emailing me requests to join and I caved under the pressure. I like many of you became hooked for a good few years or so, documenting everything... well not everything ... but you get the gist.
What does a profile picture mean tho? What is is supposed to convey?
To me its always been
 a) Either a picture I actually like of myself
 b) A photo of me having a good time
c) Something sentimental (usually Chris or my dad, nan or family members)
So here you have it, here is ..... my life from 2007 -2014 in profile pictures....

I have many a hair colour change, many a night out with friends, many a holiday, many a picture with a drink in my hand and many a picture with my Chris.
My most recent Facebook profile pic is the same as my Twitter picture.

 I have to say I hardly every go on Facebook these days, I got bored of it.
 I am much more of a tweeter now.

Thanks to Khila for tagging me, I've enjoyed looking back at all the pictures actually as it's something I rarely do.

As far as tagging, I tag you all, if you fancy doing this then do it, it really is a great trip down memory lane.


Mrs M xxx

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