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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Have you heard of Love From Misbehave?... What do you mean No?? Where have you been???

Let me formally introduce the the two of you......... ;D

Love from Misbehave  is an online jewellery, accessory, clothing and footwear store with some bang on trend peices at a fraction of the price that you would pay on the high street.

It is run by the lovely Allie, who is the sweetest person ever. 

Love From Misbehave also has a blog which you can find HERE, she runs a weekly bloggers panel which I regularly get involved in.

She ever so kindly sent me some items to include in the Secret Santa London Blogger Meet Up Goodie Bags and also included this necklace as a gift to me.
I had fallen in love with it when I saw it on her website and was so excited when she told me she would send it to me as she put it 'as her little treat'.... *blushes* love her!!!

Oh Maaaaaaaai Gaaawwwwd (said in the style of Janice from Friends lol)
 How Bloody beautiful is this necklace...

She has some gorgeous pieces on her website that would make fab Christmas presents so be quick and order something, be sure to sign up to her on Twitter & Instagram also as she is always putting up amazing discount codes.


Mrs M xxx

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