Burning Away Our Fertility Troubles

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hey Everyone,
As you all know last night was Bonfire Night, who went to displays over the weekend?
Who let off a few fireworks in their garden?.... Either or, in my opinion Bonfire Night has kinda lost its sparkle a bit, maybe its an age thing?
And so, we decided to do something a little different, Chris' Sister hosted a mini bonfire and fireworks get together.
We made chocolate apples, ate some gorgeous chilli with jacket spuds and warmed ourselves by the fire pit.

Except this firework night we decided to write down our troubles and insecurities and throw them into the fire so they would burn away forever.... its no secret that myself and Chris are struggling to have children, its also the same of Chris' sister and her husband, this brings this side of the family closer together.
We have all gone through the same things, the same pokes and prods, we know what to expect and we can always have each other to rely on.
I found it quite therapeutic chucking away my fear that 'I May Never Be a Mum' away to burn to ashes.

Its a negative thought, a negative fear..... its time to focus on the positives and keep our fingers crossed that NEXT YEAR will be both of OUR YEARS.

I filmed the occasion last night for my You Tube Channel, you can view my video HERE.
I have to say I was inspired to do this by Carrie Hope Fletcher and here 'The Way We Were' Video which you can find HERE.
I hope you enjoy my version of letting go of the past and moving forward.....
Mrs M xxxx

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  1. Such a fantastic idea as an alternative to fireworks, which I hate. I saw the video and had a lump in my throat xx

  2. Wow, this got me hard right in the heart! What a great idea to burn away the woes. Allie xoxo

  3. Is someone cutting onions? No? Seriously, that made my eyes water. Hugs. x x x


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