500+ Subscribers Over on our You Tube Channel!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Wow, we reached a milestone figure over on our You Tube Channel this week, we reached 500+ subscribers, well, in fact at the time of writing this today it was 526x to be exact... wow that's truly amazing, we are still relatively new to You Tube and have only been properly active since August when we started daily vlogging through that month. 
We just love it. We love how instant it is.

I myself really enjoy making videos and it makes us both feel all warm and fuzzy to know that people are enjoying them too. 
We know we're really only teeny tiny fish in a big sea.... but seriously over 500 subscribers really means the world to us. 

Every time someone comments or interacts it makes us proud, much the same as our little blog too.

I think YT has allowed us to interact with people on more a personal level too as you can 'get to know us' a bit better if you like.
You know what we sound like, our little traits, how many times I say the word sooooooo hahaha!!

Most importantly it has allowed me to make more friends within the blogging/vlogging community, friends who I speak to on a daily basis. It's amazing, I bloody love this community... god bless the Internet!!!

And so, yesterday we made a little THANK YOU video which you can watch HERE.... as part of our 500+ subscriber celebration we thought we might film a little Q & A this weekend and call it
Ask Em & Chris.
So if you have any questions you would like us to answer, anything at all please drop us a comment and we will answer in our next video.

Thank you to everyone that's subscribes to our YT and reads our Blog it really does mean the world to us.

Lots of Love

Mr & Mrs M xxxx

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