These Boots Are Made For Walking

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hey Everyone,

Soooo Autumn is FINALLY upon us which means the task has come for me to find some new boots.

I tend to flit between two pairs of boots, both from Clarks, both the same design but in different colours, but quite frankly they are dying a death...

I mean just look at the black pair I have....

But they have stood the test of time, I have had them like 3 years now.
You can't say I haven't had value for money.

What I find with Clarks Boots is they just tend to fit my feet really well.
I don't know if I've mentioned before but I suffer with psoriasis on my feet which can be a real pain.
But I can honestly say that if I wear my Clarks boots I don't suffer as much, maybe its because they are real leather, or the padding I don't know.
I just know they work and are comfortable.

And so I have decided its time to get a new pair of boots, but this time I'm thinking more ankle boot.

What do we think of THESE?

There are so many to choose from as you can see HERE

Do you wear Clarks Boots or Shoes, what are your thoughts on them?


Mrs M xxxx

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